Boxing Day Tongue

IMG_0984Boxing Day Tongue isn’t really a recipe but more a method of preparation.  It is always a favourite on Boxing Day along with Spiced Beef and Auld Grannie’s Meatloaf.Both these recipes are on HeathersKitchen


2 small salted (these need to be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance so that your butcher can “salt” in the brine)

6 pieces of leaf gelatine

Method  Soak overnight in fresh water, drain and put tongues into pressure cooker with enough water to almost cover.  Cook at full pressure for one and a half hours.  Skin the tongues when still hot and curl into smallest possible container like a straight sided non-stick pot. Taste the cooking liquid and if not too salty, dissolve the gelatine in a pint of the stock.  Pour over the tongue and place a plate and a weight on top and leave to get cold in the fridge. That’s it.