Hamish’s Egg & Cress Sandwiches

Every Christmas Eve Hamish insists on making egg and cress sandwiches when we have neighbours round for a few drinks and snacks.
1 half loaf white good quality medium cut bread
9 medium eggs
3 punnets cress
1 tbls good salted butter
1 tbls Hellmans
Salt to taste
How difficult can it be. Boil eggs for no more than 5 minutes and scoop out while still hot and crush with a fork whilst adding the mayo and butter. Keep aside to cool but don’t put in fridge because it makes it too difficult to spread. Then go for it and spread eggs onto buttered slices. Cut the cress 1cm from the top and sprinkle over the slices. Top up and cut off the crusts leaving some to look home made. Sprinkle a wee drop cress over to make it look good.