Tastes like Home

Healthy and tasty foods with natural ingredients

At Heather's Kitchen, we know that lunches and break times are sacred to the workday. That's why we work hard to produce affordable and high-quality options that our customers love. Our daily menu is filled with healthy and wholesome dishes that are designed to sustain and provide essential nutrients from ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. These ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds, promoting overall health and wellness. We know that in the day-to-day grind, meal options can become repetitive. At Heather’s we want to keep on fueling that break time excitement with options from different cultures or options that match your dietary needs. Experience the difference at Heather's Kitchen.

Why customers choose us

We specialize in providing healthy and fresh foods that won’t break the bank and will bring excitement back to break time. We know our customers work hard, so we aim to provide them with new and fresh options, that sustain them throughout the workday.

Natural Food

We only source the best natural ingredients to provide a delicious and satisfying experience.


We offer a wide selection of unique and innovative options that cater to everyone's tastes as well as dietary and cultural needs.


Get catering orders delivered straight to your door.

Our Menus

Catering Menu

Whether you're looking for a delicious lunch for a work birthday celebration or a memorable meal for a board meeting, our commitment to quality and healthy ingredients will leave you feeling satisfied.

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Hot Service Café Menu

Our Café locations operate out of Corporate Office Towers and/or Workplace cafeterias. Many of these locations are open to the public as well. Our coffee, breakfast and hot lunch selections are well complemented with our custom deli counter.

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Grab and Go Menu

Our years of experience working with industry leaders in the micro-market industry have resulted in a best of breed menu of individually wrapped fresh food and bakery items.

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What our clients say

At our monthly sales meeting, the Heathers Kitchen food was enjoyed by all, will order again!

Rebecca Garneau

The Heathers Kitchen team was very accommodating and the service and food was great!

Robert Nicolson

Our order was received on time and was really good. I especially loved the yogurt parfait.

David Miller
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